History of Le Masurier.

C. Le Masurier Limited was founded in 1835 by Clement Le Masurier, who was later joined by his son and then by Fred Clarke, whose family still owns the business today.

Fred Clarke, the first of the family elected Constable of St Helier, meets the Queen and Philip in 1953.

Le Masuriers retail outlets were known as Wine Lodges. This was the flagship enterprise in King Street.

In recent years, Le Masurier have diversified the business. Today, they are a well renowned and respected property investor and developer here in Jersey, the UK and throughout Europe. Their vision is to put Bath Street back on the map.

Originally they traded as a wine and spirits merchant, later opening a chain of Wine Lodges in prominent positions in St Helier, including King Street and Queen Street, as well as Colomberie, the Parade and Broad Street. Le Masurier also owned property on Bath Street and from the late 1800s merchants, doctors, music teachers, piano tuners, chemists, ironmongers and perfumers could be found on the upper part of the street. Residents and traders on lower Bath Street were farmers, labourers, dressmakers, rope makers, butchers, brush makers, publicans and laundresses.

Fine wine has been part of our story at Le Masurier for nearly 200 years. It is important to us that Merchants Square reflects our history, so we have carefully chosen a unique name, design and colour scheme for each of the five areas of the development that celebrate our love of red, white and port wines. From the concept stage of this development, our designers were tasked with creating something special; you will not be disappointed. 

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director, Le Masurier